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AP Plan - Distributor of Medical Equipment in Poland

 Medical Equipment Distributor in Poland and are two separate business ventures of the company AP Plan Adam Baraniecki i Przemysław Kania Sp. J.
EUDAMED SRN: PL-IM-000025096

The company has been based in the city of Rydzyna, western Poland for over a decade.

Our company was founded (and is run) by medical and IT graduates with extensive business experience. Our years of managing large enterprises in industries such as pharmaceuticals, NGO, and banking help us to make carefully considered decisions that maximise desired results.

We are a distributor of over 30 medical and vet devices manufacturers from different parts of the world, including the EU, UK, USA, China, Pakistan, Israel, Emirates, and South Korea.

Our goal is to introduce core diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment as well as equipment used by end-users in self-therapy and self-rehabilitation.


We seek cooperation with manufacturers of high quality medical equipment. We require manufacturers to have all the necessary certifications and proofs of approval for sale in the EU (including compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (EU), set to take effect in 2021).


Manufacturers of compatible equipment are invited to contact us (in English) at:

Please include a detailed business proposal in your message.

Operating in Poland, our company reaches customers primarily via electronic mail. Poland’s 38-million strong consumer market is highly attractive. We run over ten web portals and offer wholesale of equipment to other entities. We actively participate in conferences and symposia for doctors and therapists, both institutionalised (hospitals, clinics, medical offices) and end-users.

We are interested in equipment for core diagnostic as well as rehabilitation equipment, particularly electro-stimulation equipment (of which we are Poland’s leading seller).


Distributor - Poland